Born October 28, 1934 in Dijon (France), I currently live in Spain in Barcelona.
Passionate about life, so by the movement, I made young, at 18, the experience of professional sports. I studied the science of its dynamics through physiotherapy, then my therapeutic approach was completed with a complete training in osteopathy. I then traveled around the world to observe the different approaches to traditional medicines as well as their conceptual support. For many years, I studied in their own country traditional medicines (Tradipraticiens), and created and carried out a project for about a year in India (“Medical approach of traditional healers and their convergence with current trends” and I was technical assessor a project in Peru (Puerto Maldonado – Madr5e de dios – 1988-1992), entitled “Establishment of an infrastructure of traditional medicine”.

This accomplished cycle, I taught osteopathy from head to toe for more than thirty years, while exploring its particular dynamics in some martial arts.

This reflection led me to apply the concept of tensegrity to the mechanics of the living being; and this, from the emergence of this concept in architecture. Since then, tensegrity is a notion widely used and used in cell biology and especially in cell mechanics.
This conceptual reflection led me to better understand the osteopathic action. Combined with my professional experience of more than forty years, I have developed a specific personal approach to manual manipulations, such as for cervical techniques in a sitting position, lumbar disc herniation, or cranial manipulation.

Many videos are available on the site (YouTube sources), but you can also get the books written by me on different topics, the download of PDF documents can bring you information according to your needs.

Feel free to contact me if you have any comments on the content of my site or questions or specific requests about my work.

Alain Géhin